En raison du régime de sanctions financières imposé à la Russie, nous avons pris la mesure de suspendre les paiements vers et depuis la Russie et la Biélorussie. Pour toute question, veuillez envoyer un e-mail à notre équipe d'assistance à support@xendpay.com.

Moyens de paiement

Credit Card

One possibility of sending money to our clients accounts is the payment by credit card. After entering your requirements and recipient and confirming your payment you will be redirected to a secure page of your bank on which you can initiate the transfer to our account. The advantage of a payment by credit card is that we recieve the money without any delay. So the funds can be sent quickly to your recipient. As a payment by card requires additional technical efforts a you can be charged a small fee. The limit of sending money by credit card is GBP 900 (or around the equivalent in other currencies*) before verifying your account. After verifying your account the limit for transactions by card is at GBP 5000 or equivalents in other currencies*.

Debit Card

The same rules that are valid for payments by credit are apply for payments by debit card. The only difference is that payments by debit card from the UK are always free of charge.

Bank transfer

If you choose a payment by bank transfer, you will receive an automated email giving you forther instructions how to finish the transaction. In many countries we have a clients account to which you can send the money. If that is not the case, you can send the funds to our clients account based in the UK. As soon as we have received the money (depends on the country, you can compare that with our delivery times), we can send the money abroad. The advantage of a payment by bank transfer is that it is free of any extra charge except from the transaction fee and there are no limits after the verification.


* In some cases the maximum limit for a payment method in another currency than GBP is not based on the GBP value, but fixed around a comparable value (e.g. limit for payments in EUR by card is €6000, not the exact equivalent of GBP 5000). As many vales are based on the GBP, the limits can differ from time to time